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weCare was born out of a need to better understand Customers and address their concerns on the standard of service and care experienced during their visits.

To make it easier for Customers to provide feedback, weCare has multiple communication channels to facilitate the process. Customers can choose their preferred method of communication, and rest assured that their feedback will be received and recorded, and addressed promptly where necessary.

weCare values all feedback, be it compliments or complaints. Through such feedback, weCare aims to identify key areas of improvement so as to enhance Customers’ experience, and make their visit as pleasant as can be!



with weCare, we have implemented the following good business practices:

1Multi-structured Feedback channel
Besides good business practices and systems, there should be multiple avenue with proper and clearly defined dispute resolution mechanisms for customers.

For transparency of purchases, the eReceipt feature allows customers to view their purchases online and upon request, a copy of the eReceipt will be sent to your registered email address.
35-day Cooling-Off period
Embracing a 5-day Cooling-off period for all purchases, allowing customers to enjoy a cooling-off period of 5 working days to seek full refund of payments, if they do not wish to proceed with the services offered. For avoidance of doubt, this cooling-off period is not applicable for trial sessions or any treatment sessions where the treatment has been utilised.
4Well defined policy
A clearly articulated and documented policy, which must be properly explained to customers and adhered to according to the terms and conditions of the contract between the company and customers.
5Online Request
Customers can request for refund of purchases via our online refund request form. Submitted requests will be attended to by our weCare ambassador by the next working day.

Well defined policy

The following terms and conditions are a summary of the terms and conditions stated in the Consultation Card. In the absence of the Consultation Card, the following terms and conditions shall govern the relationship between you as the Customer and the Company:

    1. The Customer shall provide true and accurate information to the Company and the Company shall not be held liable for any loss/damage/injury/adverse effect that occurs as a result of the Customer’s failure to disclose the medical & physical history of the Customer prior to commencement of each treatment session;

    2. The outcome of treatment is subjective, in addition thereto, results may vary between individuals;

    3. All home care products provided to the Customer under the package are specially customized to suit the Customer’s needs and/or condition(s) and sold solely for the Customer’s use only;

    4. All treatment/products to be used in the Company’s service have no known side effects but in the unlikely event of skin irritation or complication or discomfort due to the Customer’s allergies/skin sensitivity, the Company will not be held liable. Product or service offered by the Company is solely cosmetic in nature. In any event, the Company’s entire liability shall be limited to damages of an amount not more than the amount received for all its service(s) and/or product(s);

    5. The Customer has enjoyed discounts due to signing for packages instead of purchasing products / services individually. As such, individually listed prices will be imposed on products / services in the event of any discontinuation or cancellation of packages (with cancellation charge) and any complimentary products / treatments will be charged accordingly. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this agreement shall be first submitted for mediation at the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) where parties will share the cost of mediation equally; and

    6. These terms and conditions shall apply to all the Customer’s subsequent purchase(s) of services and/or products from the Company, and that the Company’s rights, interests and obligation herein shall be binding upon its successors or assigns resulting from any subsequent corporate restructuring, merger or consolidation.



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